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Join Us!

Are you enthusiastic about the longevity field?

Do you have the vision to positively impact human health? Play a significant role in an industry that has the potential to redefine healthcare and impact billions of lives?

We are launching several companies focused on the longevity industry. Our vision is to help billions with affordable access to longevity products, solutions, and guidance. We work with top scientists all around the world and leverage synergies with our portfolio companies.

Our companies are incorporated in the US, having HQ in Palo Alto but active around the world opening avenues for remote collaboration/cooperation. 

We seek tech entrepreneurs with a successful track of startup scaling in various fields like life-science, B2B or B2C SAAS, med-tech, or hospitality. You will become a co-founder of our company in a C-role. Companies are fully pre-funded and will raise new funds during 2022.

If you are not an expert in Life science/longevity/biotech/ healthcare, that is not an impediment. We will train, reposition and make it a rewarding yet an enjoyable experience. 

We are also looking to staff regular positions within the fields of:

  • Genetics, Epigenetics, Proteomics, Bioinformatics
  • Environment and Health (Exposome)
  • Biogerontology and Geroscience
  • Blood & saliva laboratory processing, safety protocols
  • Project management in the field of Biotechnology (or close to it)
  • Data management, platform development with high data privacy standards
  • AI - NLP, Hybrid Data, Renormalization, AI engineering
  • International Marketing / Sales
  • Distribution / Partnerships management

What we expect

  • You are driven to improve the world we live in
  • Demonstrated track record in the field of your focus
  • Professional English
  • Entrepreneurial mind

We will share more details and actual options with you if you send CV and motivation letter to