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We invest in startups focused on healthy lifespan extension globally

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What is Longevity?

Where we invest

Longevity is an emerging industry that aims to bring aging under medical control using geroscience validated themes. The possibilities this sector opens up have a far-reaching impact both at the micro as well as macro level, redefining the very definition of healthcare. This is not the industry that deals with death or postponement of death but rather one that deals with the elimination of age-related diseases and suffering such as Alzheimer's.

People over 50 are the fastest-growing demographic in the world today. That trend creates enormous challenges and pressures on the entire ecosystem including the global economy, healthcare, and pension systems. It is also probably the most rewarding and ethical investment opportunity in the world today.  Longevity as a field has seen unprecedented scientific progress in the last decade making it one of the most investable verticals with direct human impact.

The global Longevity Economy reached $17 trillion in 2019 and shows stable growth to achieve $27 trillion in 2026.

What role do we play?

As the name indicates, we are investors focused on Longevity. Fortunately for us, the field is ever-expanding, growing leaps and bounds, and in the process blurring the boundaries between fields such as regenerative medicine, nanomedicine or genomic medicine to name a few.

Our investments fall into three broad categories - therapeutics and the enabling platform technologies, biomarker discovery and diagnostics including companion diagnostics, and industry accelerators.

Our aim is to support and capture the innovation wave through seed and pre-seed stage investments. Our scientific board spans an interdisciplinary mix of established leaders in the field. Our highly talented internal team of technical experts not only brings in the in-depth understanding of the science required but also a passion for the longevity industry. We provide proactive portfolio support and mentoring with a world-class network of scientists and investors, IP and commercialization support, and exit opportunities.

AgeCurve was the first portfolio company of LTF in the longevity industry. Throughout the years LTF had been our only substantial backer and I was lucky enough to get a hands-on investor on board in the person of Petr Sramek. Personally, as an inventor originally from Budapest, Hungary and working in Cambridge, UK, I was very happy to have an accessible, right fit investor working with us, an investor who is not just interested in the financial prospects but also shares the scientific excitement of opening up new niches. Most importantly we got a second chance through pivot funding from LTF indicating the level of trust. This was a high risk project involving fundamental geroscience research in 2022 and LTF and Petr personally was instrumental to connect the dots and provide us with access to clinics and labs who turned out to be great collaborators. The project has been a success with the necessary involvement of LTF so we are now going to reap the benefits together and provide an essential solution the longevity industry needs for delivering on the promise of translational geroscience. Much more coming soon!
- Attila Csordas

What is our focus

Anything longevity goes….
Biotech, Neurotech, Agetech, Regenerative therapies, Personalized medicine, Aging diagnostics, Longevity-related AI, Supportive software platforms, ecosystem companies.
Pre-seed to Series A
Close to market solutions with high impact potential that are based on validated science. Technology readiness level 5 - 9. We support the journey of the company from its inception stages to commercialization therefore, create success stories. 

What can we offer?

we are entrepreneurs
Personal approach
We have a deep understanding of the industry, an experienced team, and a reputable advisory board. VCs invest typically in a technology at various stages that represent different types of risks - science risk which is highest at the start up (pre seed and seed stages), engineering risk (series B and beyond) and commercialization risk which reflects the readiness of the market once the regulatory approvals are obtained. Given our scientific expertise, we understand the difference between a good science project versus what can stand the test of experimentation and move to commercialization.
Network based investing
Longevity as an emerging sector is more of a collaborative industry than a competitive industry. We want the industry to succeed and we invest collaboratively with our co investors, the most prominent leaders in the longevity field. Despite being high conviction investors, we are flexible both as lead or co-leads or follow on investors.

Our ecosystem-building initiatives

What you can be A part of

Apart from investing in external companies, we are also incubating and building the world's first extensive longevity ecosystem. As a portfolio company, you will automatically become a part of (and benefit from) this ecosystem.

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