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Investing globally in companies extending healthy lifespans.

What is Longevity?

Where we invest

People over 50 are the fastest-growing demography in the world. That trend creates enormous challenges and pressures for the global economy, healthcare, and pension systems. It is also probably the greatest and most ethical investment opportunity. At the same time, there is exceptional progress in the science of understanding aging. The pace in prevention and rejuvenation technologies is accelerating at an unprecedented rate as well. All these trends and the related economy are called the "Longevity Economy." The global Longevity Economy reached $17 trillion in 2019 and shows stable growth to achieve $27 trillion in 2026.

What role do we play?

why we invest

We support the innovation wave that is happening using a focused approach and deep expertise in this very complex industry. Our academic board and subject matter experts include many scientists in related fields. We provide proactive company care and mentoring, world-class network, IP and commercialization support, and opportunities for synergic effects with our portfolio companies.

What is our focus?

how we invest
Longevity sector
Biotech, Agetech, Regenerative therapies, Personalized medicine, Aging diagnostics, Longevity-related AI, Supportive software platforms,...
Pre-seed to Series A
Close to market solutions with high impact potential that are based on validated science. Technology readiness level 5 - 9.
25-30 investments
In the timeframe of 2020 - 2022 with followup investments in 2023-2025. Usual ticket in the range of lower hundreds of thousands EUR/USD. Geographically agnostic.

What can we offer?

we are entrepreneurs
Strong network
We are connected and co-investing with the most prominent leaders in the longevity field.
Personal approach
We have tens of years of experience with building and mentoring high-tech startups, our mentors previously ran and exited multiple ones, including startup accelerator.
Smart money capital
We have deep understanding of the industry, experienced team and reputable advisory board.


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