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Animal Bioscience was co-founded by David Sinclairs' Life Biosciences. The company develops therapeutics and supplements to prolong youth and expand the lifespan for pets, primarily dogs, cats and horses.

Repair Biotechnologies develops the Cholesterol Degrading Platform (CDP), a first in class approach to therapy aimed at reversing atherosclerosis, familial hypercholesterolemias, and other conditions in which excess or modified cholesterol drives pathology. develops whole-body mitochondrial transfusion (mitotherapy), addressing Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, heart disease, sarcopenia, and other diseases of aging. They grow  "young" mitochondria in external bioreactors, then transfuse them into the body where they are taken up by cells and immediately start boosting ATP production, enabling cells to regenerate to a more youthful state.

Pano Therapeutics focuses on the clinical development of patented small molecule drugs targeting mitochondrial ion channels addressing a constellation of complex disease states. Utilizing novel ion channel target associated with Metformin’s mitochondrial mechanism of action identified by Pano's scientific founder.

GenFlow Biosciences is a biotechnology company developing novel biological interventions targeting aging. They combine gene therapies with the most recent understandings of the biology of aging to extend lifespan and increase healthspan, enabling people and dogs to enjoy longer and healthier lives.

Yuva Biosciences is a regenerative medicine company leveraging a proprietary platform technology to develop the next generation cosmeceuticals initially and then pharmaceuticals for treating aging and related illnesses through ground-breaking mitochondrial science.

SENISCA is a biotech spinout company from the University of Exeter, founded in 2020 and dedicated to the development of new approaches to reverse cellular senescence - senotherapeutic interventions to target the diseases and aesthetic signs of ageing.

Celeris Therepeutics is a deep learning company that uses innovative, computer-based methods to degrade undruggable targets. Their platform Celeris One exploits the potential of degrader technologies with accurate predictions of biomolecular interactions and the expansion of chemical space. Deep learning serves as an enabler.

Gerostate Alpha is a new pharmaceutical company dedicated to treating aging and age-related disease. Incubating at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, they develop breakthrough pharmaceuticals through proprietary innovations to mitigate and reduce the effects of aging.

Samsara is a biopharma company aiming to discover first-in-class therapeutics that treat rare genetic and neurodegenerative disease, and extend healthy lifespan. Samsara's platform is the largest ever pipeline for the identification, chemical optimization, and in vivo validation of compounds that enhance autophagy.

Novos Labs develops the most thoroughly formulated longevity products available, backed by world-renowned scientists from Harvard University, MIT, University of Washington, the Salk Institute, and more. Flagship product NOVOS Core is a once-daily sachet with 12 synergistic ingredients aiming to slow aging that leverages current science to deliver the most effective longevity product on the market.

VasoDynamics is a pharmaceutical development company with a pipeline of highly differentiated drugs preventing the side-effects associated with cancer therapy by periodically reducing the blood flow to normal skin and mucosa during cancer treatment. The effectiveness of anti-cancer therapies can also be enhanced by allowing the full course of treatment to be delivered.

Juvena Therapeutics is a biopharma startup developing protein-based tissue regeneration therapeutics. The company's platform screens restored muscle stem cell functions to produce protein-based therapeutics, which promote tissue regeneration in the elderly. Initially targeting sarcopenia and muscle regeneration.

Petri Bio screens microbes for useful compounds hidden in the genomes of beneficial microbes, and optimize them for use in treating diseases, starting with methionine restriction for treatment of homocystinuria.

Intervene Immune is pioneering treatments for thymus regeneration and age-related immune system decline. It commercializes the methodology for regrowth of thymic tissue used in the groundbreaking TRIIM and now TRIIM-X trials that already proved their approach as valid and working.

Maxwell Biosciences is a company developing a novel biomimetic small molecule drug class intended to target the host-produced viral envelope membrane. The company's virucidal drugs mimic natural antiviral peptides, destroy a broad range of viruses directly, irreversibly and permanently inactivating the virus itself.

Remedium Bio is a biotechnology company developing novel gene therapies for a broad range of highly debilitating diseases. Their lead candidate is a first-in-class single-injection, potentially disease-modifying treatment for Osteoarthritis, a progressive, debilitating disease with no approved treatments capable of slowing or reversing disease progression.

Cleara Biotech's mission is to target cellular senescence to extend human healthspan at old age and to counteract therapy resistance in late stage cancer.

Rejuvenation technologies' TERT mRNA telomere extension platform technology enables a pipeline approach that encompasses multiple organ systems as well as cell therapies.  These programs target fatal diseases with high unmet medical need.

Zoe Biosciences is developing breakthrough therapeutics for age-related diseases and aging itself.

MitoRx Therapeutics are developing revolutionary mitochondrial-protective therapeutics with the goal of reversing mitochondrial dysfunction to arrest decline in muscular dystrophy and neurodegeneration.

Domina Therapeutics approach focuses on rebalancing the cellular structures that allow for the making of the finely-tuned connections that different parts of the brain need to make in order to work together so that we can function normally.

Cosmica Biosciences is using research conducted on astronauts that has shown that the conditions of orbit significantly accelerate the ageing process and is simulating these conditions on so-called organoids to develop new drugs that can reverse accelerated ageing. Such a drug should then, of course, find application in normal conditions.

Yuvan Research is developing an experimental “young blood” plasma therapy called E5. An enriched fraction of young plasma, E5 is designed to be injected regularly to reverse the age of the recipient’s biological systems, bringing them closer to that of the younger donor.

BE Therapeutics aims to develop technology that can engineer functional brain tissue to replace the tissue impaired by age-related damage. They also aim to commercialize this tissue and the methodology for pre-clinical and clinical applications. The initial focus is on repairing damage to the neocortex, followed by other brain areas.

Rethink64 Bionetworks boasts cutting-edge delivery and distribution technology, significantly advancing the field of drug and genetic therapeutics. It's a game-changer in medicine delivery.

Nanotics is developing NaNots – a powerful new class of injectable nanomedicine that treat disease by depleting pathogenic molecules from blood.

DiagnostiCS aND platformS

Our portfolio company AgeCurve Limited from Cambridge/UK has developed the first proteomic saliva based test of 7 aging hallmarks. Very useful for personalised planning of longevity interventions.

Nightingale is health technology company transforming preventive care. We envisage a world that focuses on keeping people healthy rather than just treating illnesses. By combining our pioneering blood-testing technology and the ability to detect future disease risks, we are creating a world-leading health data platform that enables preventative care with better information.

iamYiam empower organisations and their employees to make smarter choices every day. Facilitated by SYD - a personalised, digital AI companion - a revolution in life quality for individuals becomes achievable, on a global scale.

Sensable Health brings a uniquely balanced scientific and personalized approach to weight loss. Their 26-week program was designed with the belief that sustainable weight loss can only be achieved by addressing individual biology, hormones, metabolism, health and habits.

Occuity specialises in the research, design and production of non-contacting optical instruments for use in healthcare diagnostics and monitoring. ​ Occuity’s meters work by shining light into the eye and analysing the return signal. This enables direct specialized measurements of the eye, but also more general health conditions such as diabetes and Alzheimer’s Disease to be monitored.

Embrace Prevention Care provides Personal Prevention Care to older adults with heart failure and other chronic conditions to prevent hospitalizations. By helping patients take the right actions and medications to follow their care plans, they stay independent longer and safely age in place.

Collaboration Healthcare is a breakthrough patient CRM & collaboration tool for better healthcare outcomes, enabling seamless patient experience alongside error-free preventive client care, supporting a holistic approach required for a proper healthy longevity practice.

SiPhox’s fully chip-based diagnostic solution combines state-of-the art integrated photonics, electronics and microfluidics in order to unlock At-Home and Point-of-Care multiplexed proteomics. Using the cutting-edge optical chips that power the internet today, SiPhox is bringing the benefits of Moore’s law to biotechnology.

Healthy Longevity Guide is the first longevity café where you can feel 100% every day. The first café opened near Wenceslas Square in Prague and offers insight into the unique combination of healthy food, drinks, environment, and the opportunity to measure your rate of aging and consult with longevity experts for a personalized longevity program. provides actionable insights and recommendations from existing MRI scans, as well as BrainAge score for comparison of your brain age to normal age. Also enables people to get a high resolution BrainKey scan at partner locations, unlocking a new brain health and longevity management era.

SamplingHUMAN is on a mission to elevate societal health with living diagnostics that detect disease and measure effects of lifestyle choices at the single cell level using a breakthrough platform for clinically relevant access to the full spectrum of single cell data. is aspiring applied research organization in the field of advanced integrated and personalized therapies. First clinic was opened in Prague, Europe, and two US-based clinics are currently in the process of opening.

Longevity economy

First Longevity Ltd’s news platform Longevity.Technology delivers high-quality daily news and insights to a growing longevity community. The next stage of the team’s plan is a digital equity fundraising platform, Crowd Longevity, which will present pre-screened Longevity tech businesses to the company’s growing investor community.

Vesttoo specializes in longevity risk management, working closely with cedents to manage their longevity risk through the capital markets, providing the liability hedging & solvency relief they need, using revolutionary AI-based proprietary technology.

Featuring top experts, scientists, researchers and start-up CEOs from around the globe, this new film Longevity Hackers will document the latest research and science breakthroughs in the field of radical healthy life extension, as well as presenting a balanced view, hearing from critics in the longevity and life extension world.

Longevity.buliders is our vehicle for launching companies and jumpstarting them from the idea to seed stage.