Animal Biosciences

Member of the David Sinclairs' Life Biosciences family. The company develops therapeutics and supplements to prolong youth and expand the lifespan for pets, primarily dogs, cats and horses.

Repair Biotechnologies

Repair Biotechnologies develops the Cholesterol Degrading Platform (CDP), a first in class approach to therapy aimed at reversing atherosclerosis, familial hypercholesterolemias, and other conditions in which excess or modified cholesterol drives pathology.


Mitrix.bio develops whole-body mitochondrial transfusion (mitotherapy), addressing Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, heart disease, sarcopenia, and other diseases of aging. They grow huge numbers of "young" mitochondria in external bioreactors, then transfuse them into the body where they are taken up by cells and immediately start boosting ATP production, enabling cells to regenerate to a more youthful state.

Pano Therapeutics

Pano Therapeutics focuses on the clinical development of patented small molecule drugs targeting mitochondrial ion channels addressing a constellation of complex disease states. Utilizing novel ion channel target associated with Metformin’s mitochondrial mechanism of action identified by Pano's scientific founder.

GenFlow Biosciences

GenFlow Biosciences is a biotechnology company developing novel biological interventions targeting aging. They combine gene therapies with the most recent understandings of the biology of aging to extend lifespan and increase healthspan, enabling people and dogs to enjoy longer and healthier lives.

Yuva Biosciences

Yuva Biosciences is a regenerative medicine company leveraging a proprietary platform technology to develop the next generation cosmeceuticals initially and then pharmaceuticals for treating aging and related illnesses through ground-breaking mitochondrial science.


SENISCA is a biotech spinout company from the University of Exeter, founded in 2020 and dedicated to the development of new approaches to reverse cellular senescence - senotherapeutic interventions to target the diseases and aesthetic signs of ageing.

Celeris Therapeutics

Celeris Therepeutics is a deep learning company that uses innovative, computer-based methods to degrade undruggable targets. Their platform Celeris One exploits the potential of degrader technologies with accurate predictions of biomolecular interactions and the expansion of chemical space. Deep learning serves as an enabler.

Gerostate Alpha

Gerostate Alpha is a new pharmaceutical company dedicated to treating aging and age-related disease. Incubating at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, they develop breakthrough pharmaceuticals through proprietary innovations to mitigate and reduce the effects of aging.

DiagnostiCS aND platformS


Our portfolio company AgeCurve Limited from Cambridge/UK has developed the first proteomic saliva based test of 7 aging hallmarks. Very useful for personalised planning of longevity interventions.


Yolife is an app that applies the findings of 300+ scientific research papers to 15+ areas of your life, designed to make improving your health easy and effective, with the goal of helping 1 million people add 15 healthy years to their lives. Get your lifespan estimation with a science-backed Yolife app helping you to live longer in great health.


iamYiam empower organisations and their employees to make smarter choices every day. Facilitated by SYD - a personalised, digital AI companion - a revolution in life quality for individuals becomes achievable, on a global scale.

Sensable Health

Sensable Health brings a uniquely balanced scientific and personalized approach to weight loss. Their 26-week program was designed with the belief that sustainable weight loss can only be achieved by addressing individual biology, hormones, metabolism, health and habits.

Longevity economy


First Longevity Ltd’s news platform Longevity.Technology delivers high-quality daily news and insights to a growing longevity community. The next stage of the team’s plan is a digital equity fundraising platform, Crowd Longevity, which will present pre-screened Longevity tech businesses to the company’s growing investor community.


Vesttoo specializes in longevity risk management, working closely with cedents to manage their longevity risk through the capital markets, providing the liability hedging & solvency relief they need, using revolutionary AI-based proprietary technology.


Longevity.buliders is our vehicle for launching companies and jumpstarting them from the idea to seed stage.