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We bring together exceptional science, business, startup and finance experience, as well as an extensive international longevity network.

Petr Sramek, MBA
Co-founder, Chairman and Managing/General Partner
Petr has been a serial tech entrepreneur for more than 33 years and believes that science and technology can help humanity reach a new, better level of being. He is building science, funding, and business infrastructure to support faster adoption of health-span improving technologies. He is a founder of, former Entrepreneur in Residence at Singularity University, co-founder of the, board member at Animal Biosciences (US), AgeCurve (UK), iamYiam (UK) and other longevity startups. He helps innovative teams in the Longevity sector grow into confident companies with global ambitions. He provides advice on fundraising, strategy, and product management. He advises companies as a mentor at Foresight Institute and On Deck Longevity Biotech.
Dr. Ana Baroni, MD. Ph.D.
Chief Science Officer
Dr Ana Baroni holds degrees in Medicine and Journalism, as well as a doctorate in Molecular Diagnosis. With 20+ years of experience in consulting for longevity, regenerative, functional, integrative, and precision medicine, she is well-equipped to consider the whole picture and stay updated on innovative technology related to health. She is a Professor at Barcelona University in its Master in Longevity program. She sits on scientific advisory boards for longevity and biotech companies in the US, EU, and Middle East. She has completed a postdoctoral program in Family Medicine, as well as a four-year residency in Occupational Medicine. Dr. Baroni has undergone executive education programs such as Business Strategy and Financial Performance from INSEAD, Competitive Advantage from Wharton, and Disruptive Innovation from Harvard. She is also the Chief Medical Officer of

General Partners

Petr Novotny
Co-founder and Board Member
Founder and Editor in Chief of (from 2009) - the leading investment news platform in Czech. 12 year of experience as licensed SE trader at Eastbrokers, Merrill Lynch, Citibank a HVB Bank. He also manages investment fairs like Investment forum and Trading Expo and TV shows O2 TV a Byznys index. He successfully managed his previous real estate fund to more than 200% ROI. He graduated on American Institute of Arts and Science with a specialization on portfolio management (MBA).
Vladislav Severa, PhD
Vladislav Severa has spent almost two decades in the field of Corporate Finance, having worked on a number of premiere deals in the CEE region and leading the regional Transaction Advisory team of a Big Four firm, before establishing and leading also its CE Advanced Analytics practice. More recently, Vladislav has been active as a founder or sponsor of AI-aided start-ups in education technology. Vladislav graduated in Physics from Charles University in Prague, where he also earned Ph.D. in Mathematics, and is joining as a co-founder.
Jan Kleindienst, PhD
Fund Strategy
Head of IBM Watson AI R&D Lab, Prague. Skilled in managing international research and engineering around AI, natural language processing, speech and conversational technologies. Strong and seasoned professional with a Doctor of Philosophy - PhD focused in Mathematics and Computer Science from Charles University in Prague. Jan has 40+ international patents and many scientific publications around AI.


Bill Seery
Bill is passionate about human longevity and healthspan. His career as an investor, asset manager, and entrepreneur is supplemented with deep learning in biohacking, health, wellness and the human body. He likes the term longevist as a tagline for now. He likes to use the term futurist as well.
Bill has worked at major financial institutions in the US and Europe like Citigroup and Allianz and also smaller startups and gained extensive experience in IP and deal structuring. He has a computer science undergraduate degree and a finance MBA both from NYU.
His current reading is The Genesis Machine: Our Quest to Rewrite Life in the Age of Synthetic Biology
Age goal: 130+
Raghav Sehgal
Venture Consultant
A PhD student at Yale University with a cumulative experience of 7 years embedding Data Science and Artificial Intelligence to the Biomedical space, Raghav is an expert in understanding and evaluating Computational Biomedical technologies. Over the last few years Raghav has been using his skills to build the next generation of Epigenetic based Aging Biomarkers that explain heterogeneity in Aging and Ageotypes for which he has received multiple grants and fellowships such as the Gruber fellowship, Impetus Aging grant and more. Raghav has also been closely involved in building and managing multiple Biomedical Data Science startups from Series A to pre-seed funding stage. Raghav is also deeply involved in the entrepreneurship and investment ecosystem at Yale as a fellow at Yale’s tech-transfer and investments office. His ultimate goal through his work is to identify and build the next generation of technologies that will transform human health.
Bolek Kerous
A generalist interested in building a better future. Co-founder & CEO of Animi, the first app for alexithymia. Co-founder of, discussion platform aiming to bring the longevity topic into the mainstream starting in Czechia. He's written articles on topics including longevity and biohacking for Eccentric Club blog. He helped to steward the Foresight Institute Biotech & Health Extension world-class working group and was involved in the European Longevity Initiative. He has years of experience working in startups and attended the well-known 500 Startups accelerator in Silicon Valley. He is actively using his insight to build a personal portfolio of promising startups including Revolut,  Hypersciences, Viridian Space, or LifeLength.
Jakub Horyna
Investor Relations
Jakub is an investor increasing his expertise pursuing a Master’s degree at Stockholm School of Economics. He finished his undergraduate at Charles University in Prague  and joined LongevityTech.Fund as an intern. He is currently responsible for fundraising and investor relations administration. He has built a personal portfolio focusing on the FinTech industry with startups like Klarna, Plum, Crowdcube, Seedrs, Freetrade, Curve, EstateGuru, Mintos and others.
Vit Haratek
Venture Consultant
Vit is a multidisciplinary whose strengths lie in being positioned at the intersection of important domains. After successful careers in design, advertisement, and digital product development where his work was seen, engaged with, and used by hundreds of millions - he’s adding to the mix his business background and the fact that he has been building an active interest in longevity for almost a decade. Vit is an avid science and technology fan, was listed for his successes in Forbes 30 under 30, worked for Adidas, Facebook, and artist Kanye West. He is attending NASA’s Deep Space Food Challenge.


Evan Snyder, M.D., Ph.D., F.A.A.P.
Academic Board Member
Regarded as one of the “Fathers” of the stem cell and regenerative medicine fields, with >300 publications, and ~750 invited talks, he is recognized worldwide as a leader in this field, and sits on (often chairing) many national and international policy committees, helping to develop strategies and establish standards for the generation and use of all stem cells. Dr. Snyder’s foundational discoveries in stem cell biology helped create the field of “Regenerative Medicine”, and almost every clinical trial in the stem cell field to date is predicated on concepts he introduced.

Full bio ➝
Dr. Lorraine Morley
Academic Board Member
Dr Lorraine Morley leads AgeTech Intelligence - an organisation building on the UK success of the EU-funded AgeTech Accelerator Programme. Lorraine has worked in the healthy ageing sector for the last 6 years supporting businesses with help and advice on the international age tech market. She holds a proprietary database of innovating organisations from around the world and uses insights from this resource to drive forward the healthy ageing agenda through partnerships in business, research, education and technologies.

Full bio ➝
Prof. Ing. Martin Fusek, CSc.
Academic Board Member
CEO of technology transfer office IOCBTech and vice-president of Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of Czech Science Academy. He is also the chairman of grant committee of Czech Technology Agency and university professor of biochemistry. His work is rooted in basic research and research commercialization. He authored more than 50 papers and published two monographies.
Prof. RNDr. Jana Klanova, Ph.D.
Academic Board Member
Professor of environmental chemistry and the director of RECETOX. She has vast research experience in the field of environmental health and the impacts of toxic substances on health. She currently coordinates the CETOCOEN Excellence project, which aims to build a European Center of Excellence for Environmental and Health Research. She has published more than 180 scientific articles, with more than 4000 citations. She acts as an expert in the United Nations Environment Program and the World Health Organization. She has also established research and educational cooperation with several leading international universities such as ETH Zurich, University College London, Stanford, Columbia University, and the University of Saskatchewan.
Prof. Mgr. Jiri Damborsky, Dr.
Academic Board Member
Josef Loschmidt Chair Professor of Chemistry and Professor of Biochemistry at the Faculty of Science at Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic and a group leader at the International Centre for Clinical Research. Research of his group focuses on protein engineering. His group develops new concepts and software tools for protein engineering (CAVER, CAVERDOCK, HOTSPOT WIZARD, PREDICTSNP, FIREPROT, CALFITTER), and uses them for the computational design of enzymes. He has published >200 original articles, 18 book chapters and filed 7 international patents. He is a co-founder of the first biotechnology spin-off from Masaryk University - Enantis Ltd. Among the awards and distinctions, he has received the award EMBO/HHMI Scientist of the European Molecular Biology Organisation and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.
MUDr. Frantisek Zamola
Academic Board Member
A doctor with 30 years of experience in elite sports, especially in the field of fitness and bodybuilding. A specialist in athlete supplementation, a certified consultant and the head of an outpatient clinic in nutrition genetics, pharmacogenetics, sports and lifestyle genetics. Has worked for several international pharmaceutical companies (Glaxo, Yamanouchi, Krewel Meuselbach) and for the Czech Genetic Laboratory (Vemodia, KitGen), cooperating partner of several renowned European and American companies dealing with DNA analysis and telomere biology (DNA Plus, Novogenia, Life Length, T.A. Science). Physician of the Center for Medical Provision of Sports Representation in ÚVN Prague. A member of A4M (American Academy of Anti aging Medicine).
Dr. Christopher Juel Jensen

Dr. Jensen has a keen special interest in the practice of personalized medicine and its integration with complementary and holistic wellness and proper physician led exercise and nutrition programs. This also includes cosmetic medicine and surgery and the use of adipose derived stem cells in both cosmetic and wound healing procedures. Dr. Jensen was the Chief Medical Officer of Metamed, a personalized medicine thinktank funded by the Founders of PayPal, Peter Thiel, and Skype, Jaan Tallinn. He was the Strategy and Investment Director for GOCO Hospitality, and continues as clinical advisor to Horwath Health and Wellness globally and on GOCO’s advisory board. Dr. Jensen is a prolific public speaker and has spoken at multiple conferences nationally and internationally, including at the National Conference for the BMA.
Dr. Jyothi Devakumar, PhD

A scientist, entrepreneur and a lifelong longevity enthusiast. She holds a PhD in biotechnology and her postdoctoral work was in in-vivo delivery systems. She has worked in various sectors of the industry including working as a part of a contract research organization liaising with several ivy league pharma companies in the drug discovery space, as scientific founder and CSO of two startups, and as a consultant in the regenerative medicine and longevity space. In the investing space, she has been a venture consultant,  part of a mid-sized venture fund as the Principal Biologist and Partner. She has served on several scientific advisory boards and editorial boards, and she brings in scientific expertise, business strategy and management experience with a multicultural multi-country background.