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The timing is right

Health is our single most important priority but in the same time our biggest opportunity. Scientific progress of prevention and rejuvenation technologies is accelerating at unprecedented rate. The global Longevity Economy reached $17 trillion in 2019 and is showing stable growth to achieve $27 trillion in 2026.

This economy is doomed to grow exponentially especially in the current circumstances of worldwide pandemic and growth of civilization diseases. In the political arena, the opportunity for the first government to be elected with a mandate that heavily prioritizes Longevity would create incentives to accelerate Longevity across the globe.

“The future of the longevity industry not only has the logical potential to become the wealthiest industry in all of history, but also represents the most ethical way of doing business.”
- Dmitry Kaminskiy, Deep Knowledge Ventures

FUND SIX YEARS INVESTMENT STRATEGY is focused on Longevity Industry seed to round A stage investments in scientifically based startups sourced mainly from our cooperation with top worldwide scientific labs and networked partners in the longevity field including well-known Longevity investors. This creates an unique first mover opportunity.

The timing is great. The sector is still in its early stage and we expect the first major market hype to come in 2023. Our investment strategy expects to close all investments till 2022, do follow up investments and then major exits in 2025 on 10x as a minimum. We build on a focused approach and deep expertise in this very complex industry. Our academic board and subject matter experts include many scientists in related fields. We provide active company care and strategic support, networking, IP and commercialization support and synergic effects in our portfolio.

“One of the biggest investment opportunities over the next decade will be in companies working to delay death. With a market size already at $110 billion, it is expected to be worth at least $610 billion by 2025.” - Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Something extra - THE longevity club

The key to longevity and improving one‘s health is having access to the right personalized information and technology. Having both is still very uncommon, even among educated professionals. There is a vast excess of information around us, especially on the internet, and it is abundant with contradictions. It takes a great deal of expertise to be able to identify correct information and one can only rely on the most trustworthy sources which have been cross checked many times.

One of the benefits of being a fund investor is access to the Longevity Club. The club‘s mission is to deliver the most qualified information and recommendations in an understandable and applicable fashion. Our sources are built on personal protocols of the most famous longevity scientists.

The next level is access to cutting edge technology by the most innovative companies. The Longevity Club is hosting regular meetings with lectures and demonstrations of new interventions and even possible private access to several cutting edge technologies.


If you are from Czechia, please fill out the non-committal form below. If you are from abroad, please reach out to for more details about our funding rounds.