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Investor Inquiry

We are longevity investors with an established track record. Through Fund I, we have invested in 40+ companies that represent the most exciting opportunities in the field of longevity. Some of the companies in our portfolio have outperformed our expectations, and we are proud to say that they have surprised us both through their technological advances and sky high valuations.

We are raising our second fund with the success of the first fund backing us! Our aim for Fund II is to seek out additional opportunities that will drive the industry forward with maximum human impact, as well as provide continued support to our existing portfolio companies.

As illustrated, we are one of the top five Longevity VCs worldwide.

Our investment strategy is not opportunistic and is not decided by the valuation criteria alone. It would be very easy to pick up all the low valuation companies available in the market. We invest with a futuristic vision focus (commercializability, clinical translatability, and impact on diseases of aging in question) and a unique diversification strategy. We are excited to share our detailed investment strategy to prospective LPs - a great topic to connect with us on.

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Some of the additional aspects to highlight:

  1. Global reach with no geographic constraints
  2. Ability to cater to the ever expanding field of longevity - with the ability to perform deep scientific due diligence in nanomedicine, rejuvenation, and regenerative medicine
  3. End to end support of portfolio companies both at the logistics and scientific level
  4. Ecosystem of companies that allows our founders calibrate risks and mitigate them early

The timing is always right

History has shown that the healthcare sector does not strictly follow the macroeconomic trends and often remains an outlier. 

COVID impacted all aspects of life - mobility, human interactions, and market dynamics -to name a few. One sector that weathered this storm was healthcare. A surprising winner in this field was Longevity. With the realization of how COVID impacted the elderly and those with age related comorbidities disproportionately, Longevity companies gained importance and increased in valuations.

The recent market outlook paints a grim picture both at the macro as well as the micro level. Why are we upbeat and positive despite these forecasts? We believe that a seed/pre seed fund such as ours, with a larger service component, will be in the right position to actively seek out opportunities with the right and corrected valuations and provide them with the bootstrapping strategies to tide over the economic downturn which we anticipate will be short lived.

For a growing industry such as Longevity, with its huge potential human impact and its ability to change the future of medicine - THE TIMING IS ALWAYS RIGHT.

The global Longevity Economy reached $17 trillion in 2019 and is showing stable growth to achieve $27 trillion in 2026.

“One of the biggest investment opportunities over the next decade will be in companies working to delay death. With a market size already at $110 billion, it is expected to be worth at least $610 billion by 2025.” - Bank of America Merrill Lynch

We are more than a venture fund. We are ecosystem builders. We have started several companies that cater to various aspects of the longevity industry, as you can see below:

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